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I Miss You So Dearly Messages

I Feel So Alone Without You.
Ever Since You Gave Me My Broken Heart.
I Feel Sad And Hurt
Ever Since You Walked Out That Door.
I Miss You So Dearly.

Broken Sad Messages for You

Broken, Sad, And Alone.
My Feelings Caused By You.
The Broken Heart Doesn`t Mend Easily.
My Mind May Heal,
But The Pain Within My Hurt Remains.

My Heart Is Broken And I Feel Crushed

My Heart Is Broken And I Feel Crushed.
I Know You Can Go On Without Me,
But Don`t You Feel The Sadness?
You Hurt Me And Left Me Alone.
Doesn`t That Bother You?

Sad Broken Heart Sms Messages

I`m Deeply Hurting
From The Broken Heart That Is Within Me.
I`m Still Crying And Having A Hard Time Moving On,
Yet I Know I Will Even
With This Broken Heart.

Broken Sad Heart Text Messages

The Broken Heart,Broken,
And Confused
Me Will Still Go On Without You.

Broken Heart That Bleeds

My Eyes Lie
My Smile Decieves
Now Nothing Is Left
Just Pale Autumn LeaveAndMy
Broken Heart That Bleeds

Free Broken Heart SMS

Trust Is Like A Mirror Once
You Break It You Can
Never Look At It The Same Againâ€Â-!!!

Sad SMS 140 Chars

It Pains Inside But I Never Said A Word,
I Always Said I Love You But You Never Heard,
Louder Than Thunder Was Scream, When I Cried,
Still You Went Away No Mattter How Hard I Tried..!

Broken Heart SMS 140 Words

Sick Of Crying
Tired Of Trying
Yeah I Am Smiling
But Inside I’m Dying . . .!!

Sad Lines By Broken Heart

Sad Lines By Broken Heart:“Sometimes I Feel
That Waiting
4 U In My Life,
Is Like Waiting
For Bus
At A Railway Station.”

Hurt Me SMS Pain Me

U Promsd 2 Take Care Of Me Bt U Hurt Me,
U Promsd Me 2 Brng Me Joy Bt U Brought Me Tears,
U Promsd Me Ur Luv Bt U Gave Me PAINâ€Â- ME?
I Promsd U Nothing But I Gave U Everything!

Regret Your Love

Don’t Ever Regret Your Loveâ€Â-
Bcoz One Day She Will Find That
She Lost A Diamond
While She Was Busy In Collecting More Stones

Khuda Ki Qasam

Khuda Ki Qasam Bari Mushkil Sey Milta Hey
Wo Aik Dil Jo Muhabbat Nibhaney Wala Hu..!!


Heart Touching Quote:I Remember Him
Not As The One Who Broke MY HEART..
As The One
Who Taught Me How To Live

Judai Ki Kasak Liye

Judai Ki Kasak LiyeTeri Yaad Se Jura AansooHar Shab Meri Aankh Se Tapka HyGuzry Kal Ki TerhaAaj Ka Din BhiTum BinUdaas Guzra Hy â€Â- !!!